Awesome About Autism Books


The Hal’s Books Team have a passion to bring autism awareness to a mainstream platform, that’s why you see us use the phrase ‘Awesome About Autism’. Will Hawkes, who has illustrated the book has autism. He told Jude Lennon about some of his own experiences, and Jude as a talented storyteller, has woven his thoughts and experiences into stories that are aimed at 9 to 12 year olds, but also have an appeal to all.

Our Awesome About Autism books hope to bring a better understanding of autism to those that may have friends or classmates with the spectrum condition.

They may well recognise some of the experiences that Hal has to cope with and will then be able to have a better understanding of the situation themselves, making everyone more accepting and less stressed, and generally more Awesome About Autism!

More Awesome About Autism books are planned in the Hal’s Books series that will approach other aspects of autistic spectrum conditions.

You can order signed copies of both books from this website or via Amazon. 

Hal and the End Street

It’s 1974 and you’re about to meet Hal. Hal is thirteen and lives in a house at End Street. Hal is finding life as a teenager hard work. Hal has autism and people don’t always understand him or what he does. He finds making decisions really difficult and doesn’t always know the right thing to do or say.

With help from his family and trusty dog Jenny, Hal learns how to make choices for himself and find something he’s really good at. 


Hal and the Parties

It’s 1977 and Hal is back! We join him for his 16th birthday at the start of a very busy year. With parties, celebrations, Jubilee gatherings and a new college Hal has a lot going on.

Having autism makes these experiences even more difficult. Hal still struggles with making decisions and finding the right thing to do or say.

Luckily for him, his family including Jenny the dog and his friends are there to help him through it and realise he has a real talent.