Meet The Team

Jude Lennon


Jude lennon author of Hal and the End Street

A former Early Years teacher who loved to write, Jude is now an author who loves to tell stories.

Jude’s storytelling captivates children and adults alike and with ten children’s books

to her name so far, she has written on topics as varied as mindfulness, dragons, astronauts, football and dancing flamingos!

Some of the work Jude is most proud of is when she collaborated with The Bobby Colleran Trust to produce two books about Road Safety. With the support of The Bobby Colleran Trust she offers free assemblies to schools to promote the important message of road safety.

Hal and the End Street is book is the first she has written for an older audience (9-12 yrs) and the first book she has produced with Will Hawkes.

Will Hawkes


Will Hawkes illustrator for Hal and the End StreetWill is the illustrator for Hal and the End Street and is also the reason the project was started in the first place. Will has autism and felt there were no books with heroes or lead characters that he could relate to while he was growing up and learning to read.

Will wanted to produce a book which could help other children like him feel more included.

A  talented artist, Will needed someone who could bring his story and ideas to life. Jude was proud and excited that he chose her.

The characters, character names and many of the ideas came from Will.


Jane Hawkes

Autism Advocate

Jane is Will’s mum and autism advocate. She set up the Awesome About Autism campaign on social media to raise awareness of autism and to promote the many positives of autism.

Jane supports Will with the process of illustrating and publishing his books with Jude. She is passionate about raising autism awareness and offers school assemblies to help both teachers and pupils understand autism better.

She is also happy to share her experience and autism journey by speaking at public events and meetings.