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Let me introduce you to Hal, Hal is thirteen and has autism. Hal lives with his Mum, Sister, Brother and dog on End Street.

Hal and the End Street might be a bit different to other books you have read as Hal lives at a time when autism wasn’t that widely known; he is a teenager in 1974.

Because of his autism, Hal has challenges to face every day. He has to make a decision on how he copes with different situations, and you as the reader can help Hal make a choice too. Each chapter has two alternative endings that you can choose.

His family help him too, they know Hal and understand how the simplest of things can affect his mood, things that probably wouldn’t bother other people in the same way.

With long 1970’s hair styles, funky fashion and superb references to a decade that was unique in so many ways, Hal and the End Street is a book that will make you smile, but ultimately it will give you a special glimpse into the life of Hal and give you an understanding of how challenging life can be when you have an autistic spectrum condition.

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